This service gives a participant’s caregiver a short break. It is for unexpected circumstances when the caregiver is not available at a time when the caregiver would usually be available to support the participant. This service is not for events that happen regularly. It may be used to give the caregiver a break, such as a long weekend away or vacation. Respite services may also be used by a participant who gets Residential Habilitation services in a Family Living Home.


  • Respite includes help for activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, doing housework, managing money, and cooking.
  • During respite the provider follows the participant’s regular schedule as much as possible.
  • Respite is not available to people who get Residential Habilitation services in a Community Home.
  • If Respite is provided out of the participant’s home, it includes meals provided by the provider.
  • This service may be provided in or out of the participant’s home. It may be for part of a day, an entire day or over several days.
  • A participant can receive up to 30 times the day unit rate for respite in a licensed facility per year.
  • Respite may not be provided at the same time that Supported Employment (when provided directly to the participant), Transitional Work Services, Day Habilitation, or Community Support is provided.

An example of a time where Respite services can be used is when a caregiver has jury duty and must be out of the house for a few hours when the caregiver would usually be home.