Personal Assistance Services primarily provide hands-on assistance to participants that are necessary, as specified in the service
plan, to enable the participant to integrate more fully into the community and ensure the health, welfare and safety of the

This service will be provided to meet the participant’s needs, as determined by an assessment, in accordance with Department requirements and as outlined in the participant’s service plan. Personal Assistance Services are aimed at assisting the individual to complete tasks of daily living that would be performed independently if the individual had no disability. These services include:

  • Care to assist with activities of daily living (e.g., eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene), cueing to prompt the participant to perform a task, and providing supervision to assist a participant who cannot be safely left alone.
  • Health maintenance activities provided for the participant, such as bowel and bladder routines, ostomy care, catheter, wound care and range of motion as indicated in the individual’s service plan and permitted under applicable State requirements.
  • Routine support services, such as meal planning, keeping of medical appointments and other health regimens needed to support the participant.
  • Assistance and implementation of prescribed therapies.
  • Overnight Personal Assistance Services provide intermittent or ongoing awake, overnight assistance to a participant in their home for up to eight hours. Overnight Personal Assistance Services require awake staff.

Personal Assistance may include assistance with the following activities when incidental to personal assistance and necessary to complete activities of daily living:

  • Activities that are incidental to the delivery of Personal Assistance to assure the health, welfare and safety of the participant
    such as changing linens, doing the dishes associated with the preparation of a meal, laundering of towels from bathing may be
    provided and must not comprise the majority of the service.
  • Services to accompany the participant into the community for purposes related to personal care, such as shopping in a grocery store, picking up medications and providing assistance with any of the activities noted above to enable the completion of those tasks.